Cerebral Palsy Classifications

Nov 06th, 2013 | by Bryan LaScala
Bryan LaScala

Bryan LaScala

November 06th, 2013

Cerebral palsy is the result of a brain injury or an abnormal development of the brain. Although the injury is neurological in nature, it causes impaired movement, coordination, balance and posture, which are mostly orthopedic in nature. Every child is unique, and those who have cerebral palsy have varying degrees of impairment. In order to more understand your child’s disability, it is important for his or her condition to be classified (cerebralpalsy.org).
Cerebral palsy has various classifications based on the intended use. Below is an infographic describing cerebral palsy and some of the most popular classification systems:


  • http://cerebralpalsy.org/about-cerebral-palsy/types/
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