Tom’s Journey

Despite being born prematurely, Tom was determined to experience everything life has to offer. Tom’s hard work and dedication helped him learn how to control his body. Eventually, he was able to walk without the aid of others. Here you can view Tom’s incredible story.

Dawn H., Park La Brea, CA

Dawn H


The NAPA Center is amazing! We are so fortunate to have this resource so close by. My three year old child with Cerebral Palsy has been receiving therapies at NAPA for more than two years. It’s the best therapy available, not only in Southern California, but worldwide. The therapists and staff at NAPA are the best at what they do and are like family. This is the best place you can take your child with special needs to help give them the best outcomes and quality of life.

Karlee L., Melbourne, Australia


NAPA has truly amazing therapists and therapy that have helped my son learn basics I never thought would happen. Thier understanding of each child’s individual body and needs are unbelievable. Intensive therapy is what helps a child learn new pathways to become as independent as possible. The magic truly does happen at NAPA.

Tammy W., Perth, Australia

Tammy W


The therapists are naturals and quickly worked out an appropriate program for Aiden. His progress was obvious to everyone during the program and he continues to blow people away with his new skills since returning home. We are so very grateful that NAPA made the trip to Australia.

Monique S., Oxnard, CA


My son Angel has been coming to NAPA for almost two years now. When we first started, Angel wouldn’t move his little body. Now, after working with such amazing therapist, he’s a different baby. He moves his arms and legs.  He turns his head and can hold it up. His trunk is getting stronger! He can also eat by mouth now. VitalStim helped him so much with that. Angel does intensive suit, HBOT, CME, PT, OT VitalStim and speech. The staff here is the best! Thank you Lynette for having such a wonderful center with great therapist and offering so many different therapies.

Kristen B., Roseville, CA


Our daughter Emma has been going to NAPA Center for five years. She does an intensive therapy session 2-3 times a year. Every time she goes to NAPA, she comes away with at least one new skill and we can see changes in her. Even her therapists at home use exercises that she has practiced at NAPA. She would not be where she is today if we had not started intensive therapy here. We love you and thank you for how you have changed all of our lives.



Last year we enrolled Brayden in an intensive therapy program at the NAPA Center. It was three hours a day, every day, for three straight weeks. He showed more improvement in that time than we have seen in a really long time. It was very encouraging! It was so amazing to see the things he was doing at the center, which he had been so afraid to do in the past. The 1st week we were sold. We are dedicated to making sure Brayden gets back to have the best therapy possible. He is now doing his third intensive. Since working with NAPA, he is now able to roll front to back and back to front (with a smile on his face and not freaking out!!!) He has gained upper body strength, more tolerance for physical therapy activities, and will spend more time on his stomach. He continues to bear weight on his arms and legs and plays with his toys more. Brayden makes more sounds and is even happier! WE LOVE NAPA CENTER!

Sue I., Lomita, CA


NAPA is an amazing therapy center! The staff, on top of being knowledgeable and experienced, is wonderful, caring and friendly. The owner Lynette is great and easily accessible. You definitely feel like part of the family. When you arrive, everyone says hi to you and always has a smile on their face. The environment is warm, inviting, and very kid-friendly. I have been taking my son to NAPA Center for the past three years and recommend it to everyone I know. My son has made great improvements since attending NAPA Center and enjoys every minute of it. We have made great friends here and have met really nice families. I learn so much by being around the other parents while I am there. They have a nice parent center with a kitchen, comfy couches, work area, and even a TV.

Dolly S., Sydney, Australia


A big thank you to all the therapist that came to Sydney to help our children improve their skills in movement and make the impossible possible.

Dina D., Los Angeles, CA

As a local resident and an adult with CP, mild Spastic Diplegia, I love coming to this place for therapy! Everyone feels like they’re part of the family and Lynette works to make sure everyone’s happy. The equipment and techniques are AWESOME!! I love working with Kristy and really appreciate how everyone is willing to help each other out when needed. I’m working on being able to do the intensive for three weeks so I’m building up my endurance, strength, and flexibility. Thanks to a wonderful team of caring, appreciative people. The different modalities of therapies keep growing and they also have an incredible chiropractor who comes in every so often. It’s worth being here every second!

Juan S., Gardena, CA

Awesome workers. Very dedicated employees. My son started going for a month and I already see improvements in his speech. The facility is clean and ample. My son has made great progress since attending NAPA Center and enjoys every minute of it. Thank you all for everything. I highly recommend this place to any family.

Lon C., Los Angeles, CA

Great innovative therapy. My daughter, Kaylee, was diagnosed with Autism at the age of two. She was referred to NAPA for speech and occupational therapies. She has shown great improvements in her speaking abilities as well as her social skills. NAPA has and will continue to bless and help my child with her needs in a setting that is professional, friendly, and amazingly sterile. Thank you to the NAPA family for everything!

Rose O., Queensland, Australia

This place makes dreams come true! The most wonderful place with the most wonderful people…

Lorelei S.,Los Angeles, CA

NAPA Center is great! The facility is open, clean and welcoming. There is plenty of equipment for various modalities. There is ample parking. More importantly, the staff and therapists are amazing! They are all very knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. After each therapy session, I can see improvement in her strength, coordination and ability.

Jenny M., Missoula, MT

We traveled to NAPA from Montana to access Cuevas Medek Therapy and worked for a week with Rebecca Weiss. Can’t say enough good things about the facility and staff. My son Heath made great strides during the week and I wish we could have stayed for three!! The area is pretty industrial but very convenient to the airport and hotels. We loved the Marriott Residence Inn, 6-7 minutes away, which offers an excellent NAPA Center discount. We will definitely be back!

Maggie A., El Centro, CA

Este Luger se me a hecho magnifico. Me voy encantada con el amor y attencion que le an dado a mi Nieta. Espero pronto regresar. Este lugar es de alta recomendacion.

Tina N., Fresno, CA

Laila has had many evaluations in her 2 1/2 years of life, none I can say I’ve enjoyed. Yesterday’s meeting with NAPA’s physical & occupational therapist was awesome! Can’t wait to start our daughter’s session in January! We are so thankful we found NAPA. This is what Early Intervention is all about. The NAPA team works really hard and are very dedicated to get the best and most out of the kids.

Jill D., El Segundo, CA

I can’t say enough wonderful things about NAPA Center. My daughter has been coming here for just about two years now. She used to cry when we would take her to therapy, but as soon as we started bringing her to NAPA that changed. It is hard to believe the change the amazing NAPA team helped create in my daughter. She loves to work hard for her “friends” (aka therapists) and she gets a big smile on her face when I tell her we are going to NAPA. Lynette, the owner, has a heart of gold and works her tail off to ensure that NAPA is a place that people want to travel to from far and wide. I’m lucky to live so close, but many families that I meet at NAPA have traveled from other parts of the country…and sometimes world…to be able to partake in all that NAPA has to offer.

Cherie B., Los Angeles, CA

My adult son sustained a TBI in 2006. He has taken therapy and used the HBOT at NAPA. We really love everyone there. They not only care for those that are getting therapy, but also for us moms, dads, family and friends who take our loved ones there. I have sometimes shown up about to have an emotional “meltdown” but always leave with a smile and HOPE in my heart.

Claire P., Redondo Beach, CA

The NAPA Center is a wonderful facility. Cece, Bryan, and Lynette all go out of their way to help our son excel and meet our varying requests. Additionally, the therapists are educated, hard-working, and most importantly, fun. Our son loves Raquel, Christy, and Jessica. When we walk in with our son, everyone always greets him by name. In addition to the therapy, we are doing HBOT with Barbara, who is an absolute sweetheart. The most notable thing about the NAPA center is the heart. Everyone there always has a smile on their face and makes us feel welcome. We feel lucky to have found it!

Alyse Z., Manhattan Beach, CA

Great staff who do incredible work with our son. Jessica and Lynette are wonderful.

Kathy D., Davis, CA

My granddaughter, Emma, started therapy at NAPA Center when she was five years old. She would not place her feet on the ground and could not stand. At the end of three weeks of intense physical therapy, she could stand against a wall independently. NAPA Center has changed Emma’s life and ours. WE LOVE NAPA CENTER!

Jason & Katrina B., Queensland, Australia

Jayden was pushed like he has never been pushed before during his three week program on the Gold Coast. We feel that Jess and Erin truly believe in Jayden as much as we do. Thank you so much!

Liz G., San Diego, CA

I love love love this place. The therapist and therapy my daughter has received has been wonderful. I am so excited to bring her back. Thank you all for everything. I highly recommend this place to any family. You will absolutely love it.

Mark K.,Thousand Oaks, CA

Our son LOVES going to NAPA. They push him to be his best and make him work hard, but at the same time give him so much love and attention he hardly notices it! It’s also surprisingly fun for us to take him there and see all the things they can get him to do.

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