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NAPA Kidz Academy, Kinder-Prep Preschool

NAPA Kidz Academy is a fully inclusive preschool program for typical children as well as children with special needs, ranging in ages from 3 through 5, and 5 year olds turning six prior to Kindergarten enrollment. Children with special needs may attend the NAPA Kidz Academy privately or through its Nonpublic (NPS) school entity, which offers a therapeutic and educational learning environment. All children deserve to learn in a nurturing and individualized environment. Typically, developing children learn empathy and acceptance of differences. Children with special needs learn developmentally appropriate skills from children without special needs. This cohesive environment promotes success and learning for everyone! Our beautiful and age-appropriately themed classrooms are stocked with educational materials, art and music media, technology, and a kitchen where we teach our students how to manage their hygiene.

NAPA Kidz Academy uses the Creative Curriculum and a center based approach to teaching our scholars. Our Language Arts Center includes literacy skills, writing, listening, speaking, and comprehension. The Mathematics Center, covers shapes, numbers, manipulatives, and calculations/computations. A strong foundation in numbers, reading, and writing helps our students branch out into areas such a History/Social Science and Science. We integrate art, music and movement, sensorimotor, and developmentally fostering therapeutic activities into each day.


Our classroom is frequented by NAPA Center’s staff of occupational, speech and physical therapists who facilitate developmentally appropriate therapeutic activities for both typical and special needs children. For the children who attend NAPA Kidz Academy as part of an NPS placement, we utilize an “integrated” model of therapy, which is essentially a “push-in” model of services. The classroom is the child’s natural learning environment and we want our students to be as independent in their scholastic career as possible. We recognize that some Kidz Academy students may continue to benefit from individual therapy. Therefore, the “pull-out” model remains an option. All services will be provided in accordance to your child’s IEP as mandated by our federal, state, and local governing agencies.

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