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The SpiderCage is a 3-sided wire device that used a belt and bungee cords to enable the patient
to perform balance and strengthening exercise with proper positioning and alignment. The spider
cage can allow a child to stand without a therapist’s assistance while allowing freedom of movement
and facilitating balance.
  • Help patients compensate their movements when performing exercises by using other parts of the body.
  • Encourage patients to participate in body weight supported functional and strengthening exercises with added security, thereby decreasing the physical contact from therapists.
  • Provide additional support to develop confidence and independence.
  • Allow patients to experience dynamic balance activities such as transitioning from sitting to quadruped, quadruped to kneeling, and eventually standing with the assistance of bungee cords attached to the patient from 4 angles.
  • Build strength, increase balance, and more importantly, to increase self-confidence so that they can do more challenging activities!

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