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Intensive Model of Therapy (IMOT)

IMOT, the Intensive Model of Therapy, is a therapeutic approach to treating children and adults with cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders. NAPA therapists utilize the IMOT by treating patients 2-6 hours a day, 5 days a week, for 3 full weeks. The popularity of the IMOT is spreading throughout the U.S. as patients, therapists, and doctors continue to see the outstanding results. The 3 week intensive program is based on strengthening and conditioning, decreasing unwanted reflexes, and teaching new improved motor patterns through repetition and correct alignment. A unique feature of the Intensive Physical Therapy program is having the time to thoroughly prepare the patient to exercise. Time is also spent in the Universal Exercise Unit which is a highly effective method of strengthening, increasing endurance, balance and functional skills such as kneeling or sitting to standing with less assistance. The time and duration of each intensive will fluctuate case by case depending on the patient’s diagnosis, age, stamina, strengths/weaknesses, etc. NAPA therapists will create a program for every patient that varies the time, duration, intensity, and even tools they use during his or her 3 week intensive program. Many children gain more progress towards their goals in 3 weeks of intensive therapy than they do in a whole 12 months of ongoing traditional therapy! This means they often advance to the next developmental skill or higher in a 3 week program. For example, if a child is using a walker, it is not uncommon for them to gain the strength, balance and ability to walk with crutches. During an intensive session many tools are used at NAPA. We continue to see phenomenal results utilizing the Neurosuit and the Multifunctional Therapy Units. NAPA therapists travel to Santiago, Chile to study under Roman Cuevas, PT creator of CME (Cuevas Medek Exercise) to bring this amazing new intensive program to our patients. A totally avant-garde approach inspired to provoke automatic motor responses in motor delayed children.  The combination of the Neurosuit and Multifunctional Therapy Unit is the foundation of NAPA and is used on children as young as 3 years through adults. We have seen tremendous results using CME for early intervention on children as young as 3 months and until they are 50 lbs. For more information on any of these please feel free to check out the links below.  

The NeuroSuit

Multifunctional Therapy Unit

CME (Cuevas MEDEK Exercise)


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