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5 Apps Every Family With Special Needs Should Download Today

Technology offers families with special needs a larger toolbox of resources to help manage schedules, more easily navigate through public spaces, and supplement conventional modes of learning. Below our five apps that many families may view as a lifesaver.   Navigating Through Town: Wheelmap   An open, free and global online map, Wheelmap allows users [ More... ]

Sensory Behaviors Explained

Slow learning and poor behavior can sometimes be explained by inadequate sensory integration (SI) within the child’s brain. For most kids, appropriate integration of the senses happens naturally through ordinary everyday experiences. Though no one knows what exactly causes sensory processing disorders, with an understanding of SI you may see a new way of looking at some of your child’s behaviors and realize that SI dysfunction can occur with the finest of parenting and upbringing.


The Importance of Speech Therapy

It is crucial that someone who is limited with communication receive ongoing speech and language therapy so that they can learn to communicate their daily and basic needs and wants to others in their environment. The following tips will help reach out to people who are unclear why someone might need speech and language therapy [ More... ]

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