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An Individualized Approach

Your child is unique with very specific needs. NAPA embraces these differences with an understanding that individualized programs work better. For this reason, no two intensives are alike. We work with you to incorporate our wide range of therapies into a customized intensive program specific to your child’s needs and your family’s goals.



For those who are unable to travel to the US, we’ve started a traveling program to bring our therapies to you!



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Listen to families tell us why they come to NAPA Center.

The Snyder Family Testimonial

Snyder Testimonial

“Our experience here has been incredible.”
“...It's amazing and overwhelming
to have this kind of support....

René Snyder
Orange County, CA

Christopher's NAPA Center Experience

Christopher Testimonial

“I always thought his therapy was good until we came here..”
“...What he gets here is so different then anywhere else. It's unparalled, he's made incredible progress....

Anne Bigley
Pasadena, CA

Jada's NAPA Center Testimonial

Jada's Testimonial

Jada, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, learned how to crawl and walk with a little help from NAPA Center.
This is Jada's take on NAPA's therapies.

Our Story is Cody's Story

A Triumph of Love, Hope, Dedication and Learning.

  • Cody LaScala’s Triumphant Story

      Cody LaScala's Triumphant Story

      My parents were told to go on with their lives, without me.

      Hi, I am Cody LaScala and I have cerebral palsy. I was not born with it was a God given thing. I live my life knowing God made me the way I am for a reason. Did you know, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, about 350 children under age 5 drown in swimming pools in the United States each year? I was almost part of those statistics.

      On my first birthday, my mom took the day off work to celebrate the occasion. We had a nanny who was watching me. She thought I crawled out to mom. Actually, I had crawled out the sliding door into our new swimming pool.

      My mom had a really weird feeling, she walked, no she ran back to our nanny and asked where I was. The nanny said, "I thought he was with you." Mom ran to my crib, hoping she would find me there. When I wasn’t there, she ran to the pool, and found her worst nightmare. She found me at the bottom of the pool and started CPR.


  • “My mom is an angel who not only gave me life at birth but also gave my life back to me at the age of one.”

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